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SmartWasteSiteSmart’s set of software tools is designed for easy information collection and fast data reporting, helping you improve performance across your construction sites, projects, company and supply chains.

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Part of SiteSmarts’ SafetyHub

yjSupporting your health, safety and quality needs, YellowJacket helps you to understand opportunities for improvement across your projects, company or supply chain.

With the YellowJacket app, you and your teams can easily and quickly input information, whether online or offline – ensuring that health and safety data is recorded in real time.

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Part of SiteSmarts’ EnvironmentHub

swWhen it comes to environmental impacts on site, it is vital to understand what you are using, helping you to keep on top of targets and make improvements.

SmartWaste is an easy to use software system for logging and reporting on environmental impacts, including waste, energy, water, transport, materials and timber.

Users have found they are able to make savings of over £12,000 per project in administration time alone, in addition to additional financial, waste, carbon or fuel savings.

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Part of SiteSmarts’ ProcessHub

phWhen it comes to saving time and improving quality on site for clients, many companies believe they are efficient – however, recent research has shown that in construction and infrastructure projects in the UK and overseas, as much as 50% of time often is ‘non-value-added’ time.

Waiting on deliveries, manually completing tasks that could be automated, duplicating tasks through lack of communications; these are a few examples of time that could be reduced on construction sites – improving your performance for your client and increasing your margins.

The process improvement tool helps you understand areas where areas can be developed or improved to become more efficient. Data is easily logged into the YellowJacket mobile app and ‘at a glance’ reporting and analysis is available on the desktop version of the tool to help you identify trends quickly and easily throughout a project.

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