Your smart DataHub

dhData to help you meet (and beat) your targets (coming soon)

Data insight is the smart way to see how your team and the construction industry as a whole is performing.

Powered by one of the industry’s most respected and trusted sources of independent data, DataHub will collect and collate data from SiteSmart’s other tools and the wider BRE business to feed into a single data engine.

Added to the data already being collected by our partners, this will then feed into a series of industry and sector-based reports based on performance – exclusively available via the SiteSmart DataHub.

All the on-site information you need, right where you need it

Once launched, your SiteSmart Datahub will enable you to access data specific to your own organisation, look at data within your specific market business type, and see the overall performance of the entire UK Construction Sector.

The DataHub will also provide invaluable information for benchmarking against peer groups, information as part of tender responses, and information to share with prospective clients around performance related especially to Safety, Sustainability, Environment and Process Improvement.

To find out more about how this tool will help you and your business contact the SiteSmart team.