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YellowJacket health and safety mobile appMaking the most of YellowJacket on the go

Wherever you are, whatever device you’re using, and whether you’re connected to the internet or not, the YellowJacket mobile app lets you carry on conducting health and safety processes – quickly and easily.

If you’re offline but need to carry out an inspection or audit, or create a new observation or action, all changes will automatically be added to your system as soon as you’re back online.

While you’re offline, the app also gives you instant access to inspection and audit questions, and floorplans for each building, allowing you to carry out even more changes without being connected

How the YellowJacket app helps you and your team

  • Works offline and online – so you can work in remote locations and avoid data charges
  • Can be used on multiple devices – and it’s easy to switch between them
  • One device can host multiple users – so you can share devices
  • Proven to capture up to four times more information when people have access to a mobile device – keeping you on top of safety.
  • Easy to follow screens making it simple to use and prioritise

Download the YellowJacket app

Click the relevant icon below to download the YellowJacket app onto your device.


What YellowJacket app users have to say…


“The system is very easy to use and having the mobile app is even better, as it allows audits/observations to be keyed when you are on site, rather than having to wait until you are back in the office, which sometimes can be days later.”


– Teresa Gorham, QuESH Manager

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