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Process improvement, or “lean construction”, is about identifying what your customers really value, along with understanding the processes and ways this value is delivered.

lean-medleySiteSmart’s ProcessHub tool helps you achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by improving the quality, cost, efficiency and delivery of your projects using proven leaner methods.

Improvements of up to 50% on quality, cost and delivery have been recorded for construction companies and projects who have worked with BRE’s lean construction specialists.

This smart tool makes it easy to capture data relating to time spent on all those non-value-added activities.

Data is collected via the YellowJacket mobile app where you can record the work package, process issue type, number of people involved (keeping individual data anonymous) and amount of time lost on site for every process issue.

By collecting this data in real time, you can identify and target areas where efficiency and productivity improvement is needed.

Key uses for this smart tool include:

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Training on the process improvement tool

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It’s vitally important that users of this tool are confident and competent in using it, in addition to understanding the principles of process improvement – as this means your company will get the most up to date and accurate data possible, meaning you get the most from this tool.

Find out more about the process improvement tool training options.

Easy-to-use data capture through the YellowJacket app

Report process efficiency issues as soon as you spot them on site (whether online of offline), according to work packages and process types.

‘At a glance’ reporting accessible from your desktop

The data captured lets you know exactly how your projects are performing by displaying visual reports such as heat maps, graphs and timelines.

Support for developing a sustainable improvement culture

Combining with lean thinking, this smart tool can help you make improvements throughout your organisation and even across your supply chain.

Process improvement advisory services

Specialists at BRE will also work with you and your teams to help identify areas for improvement, and provide valuable solutions help to meet your objectives.

Ranging from full process strategy support, to industry benchmarking on construction process improvement (based on data from the YellowJacket tool), the BRE team will help you meet your process efficiency goals.

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Process improvement publications

Staying on top of the latest construction industry news, including how to improve and develop processes and efficiencies, can be challenging. That’s why we provide all the reference material you may need.

BRE’s lean construction and process specialists have written a variety of publications to help organisations such as yours improve in these area.

Take a look at the numerous publications and white papers around this topic that are already available in the process improvement section of the PublicationHub.