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When it comes to the environmental impact of your construction or demolition site, it’s important to understand where you can be making improvements to become more sustainable, while also saving time and money.

SmartWaste software lets you make these improvements easily, and on the go. You can log environmental information across your entire supply chain with data on waste, energy, transport, water, materials and timber recorded in real time – anytime, and from anywhere.

Interpreting this data is also easy. The software presents you with a variety of helpful visual reporting options, providing an ‘at a glance’ view of how your projects and company is performing against environmental targets.

Find out more about different SmartWaste modules below:

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Waste module

Each of these waste reporting modules lets you record all waste movements from site. This include details such as waste carriers and destinations used, waste transfer note numbers, containers used, construction phase creating the waste, waste management route, volume and/or tonnage details and types of waste.

Each waste entry is then used to create real time figures at a project and company level showing waste generation and amounts diverted from landfill.  Data reporting is automatically aligned to BREEAM to show how your credit requirements have been met.

Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP)

This module takes you through the steps of preparing, implementing and reviewing a a Site Waste Management Plan for your project, in nine easy steps. These cover responsibilities, waste minimisation, forecasting of waste arisings, waste management options, duty of care, training and communication, actual versus forecast waste performance, ongoing review of implementation and a final completion review.

Water module

The water reporting module enables you to record and report water use on your construction sites, whether this is direct water use (from the mains) or recycled water use captured on site through a number of means.

This information can be reported on a weekly or monthly basis, letting you have a good understanding on how much water has been used on a regular basis.

Energy module

Energy reporting module allows users to record electricity, natural gas and fuel usage and report related CO2e emissions for these.

You can upload evidence (photos of readings, bills etc) from your energy supplier to support your data – helping you demonstrate this to assessors for for quality assessment.

This information can be reported on a weekly or monthly basis, letting you have a good understanding on how much energy has been used on a regular basis.

Transport module

The transport reporting module allows you to record journeys and report associated fuel used, and related CO2e emissions. This helps you to track your carbon emissions to enable you to submit information to various schemes and standards.

In addition to this, you can use this information help you understand where you are currently performing against company and projects targets – understanding where you can improve.

This module means that you can report on:

  • Waste removed from site
  • Materials delivered to site
  • Staff travel to and from site

Materials module

Material reporting allows users to record the purchase of certified and non-certified materials on your construction project. Monitor construction materials against responsible sourcing standards such as

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
  • BES6001 scheme
  • BS8902 CARES scheme
  • Eco-Reinforcement scheme
  • ISO14001 scheme

A modular, all-in-one tool

Save time and effort by getting the information you need, right when you need it. Being an all-in-one system makes it easier and quicker for you to understand and use this tool effectively.

‘At a glance’ reporting

Turn your data into visual graphs, tables and charts. SmartWaste lets you identify trends and areas for make quick and easy improvements, without you having to search through raw data

Helping manage your supply chain

Keep track of sub-contractors, reduce duplication of data entry and improve accuracy of information. When SmartWaste is used throughout your supply chain it saves time and improves performance.

Helping meet your compliance needs

Control access to your company and project information easily with secure multi-user access levels, 24/7. Manage Duty of Care waste management records easily to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Benchmarking against the industry

Understand where and how your business and projects compare against others in the industry. By using  the largest set of data of this type in the UK, SmartWaste helps you agree and meet targets.

Many other supporting options

From initial training, regular webinars and videos, and a phone and email helpline, to a dedicated account manager and even an annual members conference, you’ll be supported by many other options to help you get the most out of this tool.

Training on SmartWaste

For us, it’s vitally important you feel confident and competent when using SmartWaste , as this means your company will get the most up to date and accurate data possible. And you’ll get the most from this tool.

A variety of training options have been developed to help you and your teams master SmartWaste.

Find out more about SmartWaste training options.

Waste advisory services

So what to do with all the information gathered with this tool? Our specialists can help you make the most of this valuable data, helping you develop strategies to improve.


Pre-demolition audits identify ways to maximise reuse and recycling during demolition and refurbishment, saving you resources and reducing project costs.


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Environmental and sustainability publications

Sustainability and environmental impacts are huge considerations in the construction industry, and increasingly areas to improve and develop.

BRE’s waste and environmental specialists have written a variety of publications to help organisations such as yours to meet its sustainability goals.

Check out a variety of publications and white papers around this topic in the BRE Bookshop.