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The YellowJacket software solution is helping more than 300 UK Construction Companies drive real improvement and behavioural change across their construction projects, business, and supply chain.

YellowJacket offers an ‘easy-to-use’ mobile data capture app and comprehensive web-based management system to support your Health & Safety, Quality Assurance and Process Improvement needs.

Find out more about how this health and safety software tool can help you below.

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Apportion responsibility

Actions generated through observations that require resolution can be clearly allocated to those responsible, across your supply chain. YellowJacket monitors and helps you manage these actions, and ensures that the issues identified, whether associated with quality assurance or health & safety, are effectively addressed.

Gain insight and knowledge

YellowJacket makes it easy to identify outstanding and overdue actions, spot areas for improvement and evidence ongoing trends; all with simple, visual reporting and a management dashboard. This insight supports effective, day-to-day management and informs your Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality strategies.

Dependable and accessible

YellowJacket is a secure, cloud based solution that is delivered as a service. You and your teams can access the system at any time and from any location. Software updates and new releases, maintenance, back-ups and disaster recovery are all delivered seamlessly as part of the service.

Configurable to your needs

Each company using YellowJacket is different, and has differing needs. The solution can be easily configured to ensure that the information captured is relevant specifically to you and your company.

Support, Training and Consultancy

We offer a proven, and accessible range of professional services to ensure that you get the most from YellowJacket. Whether it is our helpdesk, implementation support, or user training, our services are designed so that everyone anyone using this solution feels competent and confident.

Enhance your productivity

YellowJacket is the smart way to save time and save lives, whilst improving performance and quality outcomes, and affecting positive behavioural change: across your construction projects, your business, and your supply chain.

YellowJacket modules

YellowJacket provides a digital framework to support your Health & Safety strategies, and affect positive behavioural change in your workforce.

The solution enables you to complete inspections and audits, in real-time, using your specific questions. Inspections and audits can be undertaken on an ad-hoc basis, allocated to specific individuals, and scheduled up to 3 months in advance.

Incidents and near-misses can be easily captured on YellowJacket mobile app. This negates the need for paper or postcard based reporting systems, and dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of information. The data captured is automatically synchronised with the web-based management system, and key staff are notified via email.

Whether a structured inspection or audit, or ad-hoc observation, YellowJacket enables remedial actions to be raised and allocated to the responsible party. Importantly, YellowJacket communicates these actions and monitors progress. Once captured, these actions can be easily monitored and policed. The management system will keep you informed of what is outstanding, and what is overdue.

YellowJacket provides a comprehensive action management process. Captures evidence is associated with each action, such as photographs or annotated site plans and diagrams. If incorrectly allocated, actions can be reassigned or rejected. Once the recipient has completed the action YellowJacket notifies the originator, and takes them through a simple close-out process. Every action is audited and reported upon in real-time. You will always know what needs to be done on-site.

YellowJacket provides a digital mechanism to support ‘in-process’ quality assurance and also post construction snagging.

For ‘in-process’ quality assurance the solution, via the YellowJacket mobile app, can record evidence of performance and metrics. Your process questions can be represented as inspections and audits, at each stage of the build. YellowJacket’s ability to record observations is perfect for post construction snagging. Areas of concern can be pin-pointed on site plans and diagrams, and evidenced by referenced photographs.

Actions identified by the Quality Assurance processes can be allocated to the responsible party in YellowJacket. If incorrectly allocated, actions can be reassigned or rejected. Once the recipient has completed the action YellowJacket notifies the originator, and takes them through a simple close-out process. Every action is audited and reported upon in real-time. You will always know what quality assurance tasks remain outstanding, and which are overdue.

The YellowJacket Process Improvement Tool enables you to capture data related to time spent on non-value-added activities.

Collecting data via the YellowJacket mobile app, all stakeholders can record the work package, the process issue type, the number of people involved (keeping individual data anonymous) and the amount of time lost on site for each process issue.

Data capture is designed to be simple and easy to use through the YellowJacket app. Staff on-site who see an issue can simply log on and input the information. By collecting process performance data in a real time environment, you can start to identify and target areas where you need improvement in terms of efficiency and productivity

The YellowJacket Process Improvement Tool has been created using Lean Construction Principles and categorises process inefficiencies into eight key areas of waste.

For reporting, you can see this information through the existing YellowJacket web-based management system, including heat maps, a timeline and various charts and graphs. Time is a finite resource, so our reports are designed to give you an ‘at a glance’ overview of your information in addition to full information reporting.

Collecting real process efficiency evidence supports accurate analysis and, in combination with Lean Construction Improvement methodologies, helps design efficient and productive construction processes, and develops a Sustainable Improvement Culture.

YellowJacket is a Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality solution for your complete supply chain. All contractors can be registered on the system, and then specifically associated with only the projects and commissions that they are working on. Key contacts are recorded so that any actions that are raised as part of an inspection, audit or observation can be directly and unequivocally allocated to the responsible party, across the supply chain.

Comprehensive reporting in YellowJacket will show which contractors are responsible for each action, and also what is outstanding and what is overdue. Reports will also show the comparative performance of the contractors in your supply chain: who is consistently performing well against you specific measurement criteria and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and which contractors are failing to meet your safety, quality or environmental standards.