SiteSmart Software release notes

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YellowJacket software release notes

Release No: 2018 R13

Release Date 22.01.2018

Release By: BA Development Team


  • Rework of the dashboard’s code resulting in decreased dashboard loading times
  • Implemented an automated cache clear down feature to enhance system stability


  • System administrators will now have the ability to add/remove incidents from reporting analysis provided the record is published and not closed
  • All types of consequences associated to an incident record are now displayed under “Upcoming Tasks and Events”
  • Implemented a company level view to the Actions by Observation Type report
  • A full list of sub-contractors now appears on the YellowJacket app

New Functionality (Create Organisation):

  • Ability to add more than one primary contact when creating an organisation
  • When an organisation is added, only the creating organisation will have the ability to edit the details
  • Visibility of primary contact details restricted to the creating organisation
  • Ability to search for existing organisation with visibility as to whether they are a YellowJacket licence holder or not

Release No: 2017 R12 (Environment Upgrade)

Release Date 20.11.2017

Release By: BA Development Team

YellowJacket has been updated to the latest Sharepoint platform.

Release 12 includes:

  • Upgrade SharePoint 2010 to 2016
  • Upgrade SQL Server 2008R2 to 2016

Benefits of these changes:

  • With the advent of SharePoint 2016 not only are new possibilities introduced but also best practises have evolved. The new platform provides scope for future performance improvements to speed up reports, dashboards and portals.
  • Minor aesthetic changes to text formatting and icon buttons.

Release No: 2017 R11.1

Release Date: 11.09.2017

Released By: BA Development Team

Functionality Released:

  • Amend ‘return to work day’ once record is published
  • Amend ‘Injury Classification’ on the consequences after they are published
  • Incident visibility once assigned to a Lead Investigator – The creator should have visibility and see any updates made by the lead investigator
  • Weekly Summary Email Reports to include the ‘Created By’ field under the ‘Actions Overdue’ section

Release No: 2017 R11

Release Date: 12.06.2017

Released By: BA Development Team

Functionality Released:

Incident Module Redesign

The incident module has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive process for logging your incidents. The key new features now include:

  • Screen design to align with the Observations and Actions pages
  • Ability to log the whole incident from start to finish (including observations and actions) on one screen
  • Removal of the Master/Child record concept
  • An incident dashboard to provide a single view of everything captured including the consequences and observations/actions
  • Additional email notifications including when the incident is ready for close out
  • Ability to add the location of the incident through the location map functionality
  • A Body Map under the ‘Injury’ consequence to allow you to pin point all injuries
  • The ‘Occupation’ field on the ‘Injury’ and ‘Industrial Disease’ consequence is now a drop down list
  • The UK HSE Incident cost calculator link is now provided next to ‘Estimated cost’ and is no longer a mandatory field

Weekly Summary Email Reports

An improvement has been made to the existing weekly summary emails to include the following new fields:

  • The ‘Observation ID’ will be displayed after the ‘Action ID’ to allow you to identify the actions easily from YellowJacket
  • The ‘Created By’ field has been added after the ‘Status’ field to allow you to identify who has created the audit/inspection record

Password Reset

Users are now able to reset their password after the 5th incorrect attempt via the links provided on the login page

Release No: 2016 R10(Upgrade)

Release Date: 27.06.2016

Released By: BA Development Team



Area Type Description Process Improvement System Enhancement Users will have access to capturing process improvement data including time lost on process type issues. This will only be accessible once the training has been completed. The data capture aspect will be available via the mobile app with the reporting being available on the desktop. Report Actions by Organisation Previously, when running this report it looked at who created the record and not the company who is responsible. This fix changes this to point at the responsible organisation as opposed to the creating organisation. ISO9001 Terms & Conditions System Enhancement Currently, new users of YellowJacket are sent an email copy of the T&C’s. This new enhancement will prompt new users to accept the T&C’s after login to gain access to YellowJacket

Pick lists Bug Fix This fix will prevent system administrators from entering duplicate entries on the pick lists where they are done simultaneously. This is especially useful during training sessions where multiple system administrators are working together to enter data.

Mobile App Bug Fix Some special characters in passwords were preventing users from logging onto the mobile app. This has now been resolved and users should be able to use most special characters in their passwords.

User set up System Enhancement When setting up System Administrators on YellowJacket, all user privileges will be selected as a default

Pick lists System Enhancement Following the new functionality of editing pick lists to your needs, we have now added functionality to allow users to ‘select all/deselect all’ to make it easier for the selection process.

Release No: 2016 R9.1 (Upgrade)

Release Date: 10.04.2016

Released By: BA Development Team



Area Type Description Drop down lists System Enhancement System Administrators now have the ability to mark active or inactive the items in the following drop down lists: * Action Types * Audit Categories * Incident Types * Incident Severities * Injury Classifications * Inspection Categories * Observation Categories * Observation Types * Risk Ratings This functionality is available via the ‘Maintain Reference Data’ option under the ‘System Admin’ menu. Report Actions by Organisation Previously, when running this report it looked at who created the record and not the company who is responsible. This fix changes this to point at the responsible organisation as opposed to the creating organisation.

Release No: 2014 R45.0 (Upgrade)

Release Date: 09.06.2014

Released By: Development Team



Type Description Introduction Of Site Plans New Feature This release introduces a new feature to the system which allows commission owners the ability to upload site plans to their commissions. The site plans are then used in identifying locations where Observations have been raised and is administered by the organisations commission managers. New Design of Observation & Action Pages System Enhancement Based on feedback from the YJ user community the Observations and Actions have been redesigned to have data captured on one page in this release. In addition to the redesign of this page there have been a number of new features added to the Observation and Action

process to allow the system to capture more data with less button clicks: * The ability to copy Actions has been introduced to allow users to quickly copy the last Action they created but change either the responsible organization, responsible person, or both. * Location maps have been introduced with the ability to drop a pin identifier to illustrate the issue and pin point where it happened. * The summary boxes have been extended to 500 characters to allow for the capture of more data. * The full description boxes are no longer mandatory it is now optional to the user whether they wish to input any data in the full description box. * The size of attachments and pictures which can be added to the system has been increased by around x10. * Up to 5 images can now be uploaded per Observation / Action to allow the story of the issue to be told easier using pictures. * Images uploaded onto the system can now have marker pins dropped onto them to allow for faster and easier capture of data and identification of issues. * The process of closure on Actions has had a number of steps removed from it to make it faster and easier to close out Actions allocated to you as a user. * The ability to re-assign Actions has been introduced in this release giving those users who create Actions the ability to re-assign them to other companies and / or users if they have been rejected by the original recipient. * The Action audit trail has been changed to make it easier to see the history of the Action

throughout its process from creation to closure Audit / Inspection Observations Bug Fix When Observations were being created from either Inspection or Audit questions the responsible organisation field on the Observation record was automatically being populated with the name of the Inspecting organisation rather than the Inspected organisation. This has been changed in this release and any Observations raised from either Audits or Inspections will now automatically be populated with the name of the organisation being Inspected / Audited by default.

Release No: 2014 R4.0 (Interim Release)

Release Date: 14.04.2014

Released By: Development Team



Type Description Introduction of U.T.C (Universal Time Co-ordinated) New Feature This new feature will give all users the ability to define the time zone that they are working in therefore recording data at the local time for the country they are capturing data in. The feature gives System Administrators the ability to set a time zone for every new user who is added to the system. As an existing user, you can update your time zone from the helpful links menu on the left hand side of your home page or the commission home page. KPI Thresholds Bug Fix This defect was found after the last release and the introduction of dashboards. It occurred for some system administrators when they were creating and / or editing their KPI thresholds. This has been fixed as part of this weekend’s deployment. Commissions with no End Date. Bug Fix This fix was deployed to resolve the issue where the system was treating

commissions with no end date as historic. This has been fixed as part of this weekend’s deployment and filtered commissions should now correctly show based on filters for current and historic date selections. Incidents by Cause Report Bug Fix Some clients were experiencing an issue where the summary box on the Incidents by Cause Report was not displaying any information which had been captured on the page. This issue was found to be occurring if a user was copying and pasting data from a web page or online document into the summary box and as a result no text was being displayed. This has now been fixed and the summary box on the report will now display 100 characters from the summary field in the application. Dashboard End Date Bug Fix The new dashboard feature which was introduced as part of release 3.2 in January had a defect in the calendar which meant users had the ability to run filters for data in the future where there wasn’t any data captured. This defect has now been fixed and the default filter of current month -1 has now been implemented for all users.

Release No: 2013 R3.2 ( Release)

Release Date: 27.01.2014

Released By: Development Team



Type Description User Dashboards New Feature This new feature will give all users the ability to view a cumulative dashboard of data relevant to the commissions they have selected as their favourites. The dashboards show a range of reports and up to date statistics and can be configured using the filters to show varying

amounts of data related to a company’s live commissions. Set Your Own Home Page New Feature This new feature gives all users the ability to select which page they would like to see whenever they logon to YellowJacket. You can choose from Commission Dashboards, Commission Home Pages, Commission Reports Pages, User Dashboard Page or the existing User Portal Page. Once set and saved, this can be changed easily with a simple button click. Commission Dashboard New Feature This new feature gives users with access to a commission the ability to view the commission data in real time on a single page report which includes a number of statistics and graphical outputs. This dashboard includes the new Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) reporting statistic and delivers data in real time with updates to the statistics as soon as data has been entered. Commission Weekly Summary E-mail Notification System Update This new service informs nominated personnel on a weekly basis of the status of a commission giving them an overview and status of Observations, Actions, Audits, Inspections and Incidents. The recipients of the email can be configured by a commission manager and details of the content sent are based on the organisations position within the supply chain for the selected commission. Observation & Action Type List New Feature There has been a new header added to the user portal page and the commission home page called “Helpful Links.” The user manual can be found under this link as can the new pdf list of Observations and their Associated Action Types. This list is designed to make it easier to find which options are available to users for the assigning of Observations and Actions. Satisfactory Observation Notification New Feature This new service allows commission managers to setup a list / group of email recipients to receive notification of “Good Practice” on a commission. The

email notification will be sent when any Satisfactory Observations are raised against a company in YellowJacket. The list is commission specific and can be managed by commission mangers to ensure specific notifications as required. Saveable filters New Feature With the introduction of the new Dashboards in this release and the inclusion of the new “Set as Home Page” functionality this release also gives users the ability to save filters on either of the dashboards allowing access to the most relevant information for a user faster and easier. Print Facility From The Observation List System Update Following on from the introduction of the commission specific “All Observation List” in release 3.1, users now have the ability to print the All Observations page. This can be done to reflect the filters which have been put in place to look at specific companies or Observations or can be done to reflect All Observations on the Commission.

AIR / AFR / ASR Filter Issue Enhancement The report filters on the AIR / AFR / ASR reports have been enhanced to only show current month -1. This means a user can no longer inadvertently select dates in the future to perform their Accident / Incident Rate calculations.

Release No: 2013 R3.1 ( Release)

Release Date: 28.10.2013

Released By: Development Team



Type Description Company Name Added to Displayed Details New Feature Under a user’s login credentials the system will now display the name of the company that user is associated to User Search Facility in the Maintain User Screen New Feature This new feature will give System Administrators the ability to search for users on their system easier. In addition, the user list can now also

be sorted in alphabetical and reverse alphabetical order. Commission Search and Archive Function New Feature The new feature gives users the ability to search for commissions more easily with a search facility. In addition the default view now gives users the ability to search for current and historic commissions (current commissions are based on a valid start and end date) Audit & Inspection Time Field System Update This has been changed to only show options at 15 minute intervals. This will give users the ability to schedule their Audits / Inspections for 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes of the selected hour. Commission based Reports New Feature This new feature will deliver commission based reports to a user directly from the commission home page this means that the data on the reports will be pre-filtered to reflect the commission which has been selected by the user. User based Reports New Feature This new functionality will deliver reports for a user based around their selected list of favourites. This means that if a user has selected 5 commissions to be on their favourites list, these 5 commissions will be selected by default when a user selects to run any of the reports in the system. Commission Statistics Ticker New Feature The application now has a number of commission specific statistics which display as a ticker on the commission home page. These statistics are dynamic and update in line with the live data on the system. These include: * Top 3 Satisfactory Observations * Top 3 Unsatisfactory Observations * Cumulative AIR * Number of Overdue Actions * Reportable Injury free days Commission Home Page Filter System Update There has been a new filter facility introduced to the commission home for Observations. This filter will give users the ability to search for Observations using either their Id number or the company assigned the Observation record. It is

designed to help users navigate and find data quicker and easier.

Injury Record (Absence Start and End Date) System Update There has been an option added to the Injury Incident records to allow users to mark the start of absence and the return to work dates as not applicable. This will allow Incidents with No Lost Time to be created quicker and completed easier.

Supply Chain Visualisation New Feature This feature shows an organogram of the project and the relationship between organisations. It also shows the Action Manager (Key Contact) for each company for the selected commission

Commission Based Unpublished Records and Actions New Feature This feature will show a user unpublished records and Actions which have been assigned to them which are specific to the commission they have logged onto. This is designed to make navigation easier and quicker for unpublished records and tasks which have been assigned specifically to the selected commission.

View All Option For Observations New Feature On the commission home page there is a new option to view All Observations related to a user’s company and their Supply Chain. This list is searchable and filterable and gives users the ability to look at large volumes of data easily.

Directors Safety Tour Report Product Enhancement The existing report has been further enhanced to include the total number of Actions raised per tour and is now grouped to show the number of tours completed per person and per company

Root Cause Analysis New Feature This feature introduces two new drop down menus to all of the Incident records. These pick lists are company specific and a system administrator can define, the content, whether they are mandatory or even whether the fields are visible on the page.

Release No: 2013 R3 ( Release)

Release Date: 19.08.2013

Released By: Development Team



Type Description Associate Staff to Commissions New Feature This new feature allows companies to add selected staff members to individual commissions. This will enhance the pick lists in the system for ease of use by only showing those people working on the commission Commission Drop Down Menu On Home Page New Feature The view button has been removed from the users home page, this means one less button click to access commissions Complete Commission List From Users Home Page System Update The complete commission list which is visible by individual organisations is now searchable. In addition the list now shows the commission number as well as the commission name. In addition the list has now been placed in a frame which means the save button will also always be visible for the selection and de-selection of projects to a users subscribed commissions list. Actions By Organisation Report System Update This report has been updated to include the currently assigned person in the Action process. This column will show who is the currently assigned individual as part of the overall Action process. The report will now show the Action creator, the responsible person and the person who currently has the responsibility for taking the next step in the Action process. In addition the report will now show the Action due date. This text will show in red if the Action is overdue. Incidents by Cause Report System Update The Incident by Cause report has been enhanced to include the Category of Injury field to allow for further data analysis. . Reports Home Page Software Enhancement The reports within the system have all had an Exit button added to them which allows for easy

one button click navigation back to the main reports page Commission Home Page – Observation Section Software Enhancement The Latest Observations & Actions section on the Commission home page now includes the name of the organisation responsible for the Observation. This will allow for easier identification of Observation records on screen. Home Page Open Actions Section System Update The hover over text on the Open Actions of a users home page now displays details of the commission and the module that the Action relates to

Observation and Action Edit Screens System Update The Observation & Action screens within the system have been updated to include the module from which the record originates. This Observation and Action records will now show Inspection, Audit, Commission, Incident etc to help the user identify more with the records and their close out process.

Report Filter in Directors Safety Tour Bug Fix The Directors Safety Tour Report has been re-launched after some bug fixes have been applied. These bug fixes should ensure that the data returned on the report reflects those Inspections which have been identified under the Maintain Reference Data section as “Directors Safety Tour” –

Inspection & Audit Scorecard Filters Bug Fix The filters on the Audit & Inspection scorecards have been fixed to allow you to filter on specific dates. Prior to this release the filters were only searching data on a per month basis.

Improved Login Screen System Update The login screen for the system has been updated to reflect the same look and style as the YellowJacket

Release No: 2013 R2.1 (Interim Release)

Release Date: 01.07.2013

Released By: Development Team



Type Description

Directors Safety Tour Report System Update The Directors Safety Tour Report has been updated and enhanced to include all Inspections which have been selected as “Directors Safety Tours” under the Maintain Reference Data. This option is organisation specific and allows company’s to specify which reports they see as part of this report output. Deletion of scheduled Inspection series Bug Fix The process of deleting a series of Inspections was producing an error. This bug has been fixed in this release Action Process – Audit History System Update The on-screen Audit trail of the Action process now reflects the last person to update the record. Audit Templates System Update In this release the outputs from the Audit and Inspection templates now reflect the same order as the application Audit & Inspection Scorecard Update New Feature The scorecard reports have been enhanced to include the average scores for individual questions to allow comparative reporting. Actions By Organisation Report Software Enhancement The Actions By Organisation report has been enhanced to include the organisation name of the user creating the Action. Incidents By Organisation Report Software Enhancement The report has been changed to show the date of the Incident rather than the target closure date Report Page System Update To minimize the number of button clicks to access and view the list of available reports in the system and to enhance the user experience, there is now one single point of accessibility for all reports in the system. The new reports page can be accessed from the left hand pane of every users home page and will take you to a new page which has all of the reports on the one page grouped by the type (Incident, Audit, Inspection, Action)

Audit and Inspection Schedule Process System Update As a result of feedback from the user community, Audits and Inspections can now be scheduled up to 13 weeks in advance. This enhancement in conjunction with the ability to delete Audits and

Inspections will allow for better planning and scheduling and minimize the number of Audits and Inspections the system which are not being completed on the system.

Currently under development for the next system release the Associating Staff to Commissions. This functionality will give Commission Managers the ability to manage those users on their sites. This will make the drop down menus of people commission specific and make the selection process of individuals when assigning Actions and Inspections / Audits easier.

The business has also engaged in an exercise to scope potential development scope for a YellowJacket mobile application. This process will involve a number of workshops internally and interviews with various users across the business to understand our requirements for an offline YellowJacket application which would work on various types of mobile devices.


SmartWaste software release notes

This page details all modifications and updates made to the generic SmartWaste Tool.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact the team.

SmartWaste v5.3 – 5th February 2018

This release sees the addition of a new bulk upload function for materials data.

Bulk upload for materials data

The bulk upload for materials data provides the ability to upload multiple materials data entries into SmartWaste at once. A blank csv file and an associated material reference data document (containing lists of material suppliers, types of materials, certificates etc.) are available at the project level. Simply download the blank form, populate it with your material data, add the relevant reference data and upload the completed form to your project in SmartWaste.

The csv blank form is a simple format file with no drop downs; these lists are provided in the separate reference data document. The csv format file is designed to allow data to be easily copied and pasted. It may also be useful if you have historic data stored elsewhere which you wish to manipulate and upload to SmartWaste.

The reference data IDs provided in the separate reference data document alongside the csv blank form are needed by SmartWaste to enable uploading.  Without these IDs, your data cannot be uploaded to SmartWaste.

Please read the guidance document explaining how to use the csv bulk upload for materials data, which can be found on the add materials data bulk upload page and the help page within your SmartWaste account.

SmartWaste V5.2  – 18 December 2017

This release provides a range of upgrades to existing SmartWaste modules.

Biodiversity module

Two new sub-sections have been added to the biodiversity module.

  1. Ability to record number of bird and/or bat boxes installed
  2. Ability to record number of trees removed and/or planted, with a figure provided for net gain or loss in trees

Water module

The water module has been split into two sub-sections, one for water use and one for water discharge. Under water use, water can be categorised as potable or non-potable. Relevant reports and charts have also been updated.

Add/edit project page

The floor area field on the add/edit project page has been made optional. This should assist sectors for which this metric is not appropriate such as civil engineering.

Waste module

Labels for waste data

Customised labels can now be created and added to waste data entries to enable better data categorisation. Create as many labels as required at the company level, and apply as appropriate to waste data entries.  These labels can then be used to filter waste reports to aid data interrogation.

CSV bulk upload for waste

There is now an option to use a .csv file for bulk upload of waste data on a project. The .csv file is a simple format with no drop downs, designed to make copying and pasting of data easier. The key difference between this .csv and the current excel file is that it does not contain any reference data in dropdowns (such as waste facilities, carriers etc). As such, once data has been copy and pasted in, the reference data IDs will need to be added to enable uploading.  These reference IDs are provided in a separate file alongside the csv bulk upload for waste.  Without these IDs, your data cannot be uploaded to SmartWaste.

Please read the guidance document explaining how to use the .csv bulk upload for waste, which can be found on the waste bulk upload page.

Excel bulk upload for waste

Column names have been updated to provide clarity of the data to be entered, e.g. number to number of containers/skips.  The SIC code column has been changed to reflect that it is non-mandatory.  Additional columns have been added to allow the recording of up to two labels for a waste entry.

New user automated email

When a new user is added to SmartWaste, an automated email is now generated and sent to that user informing them of their username and password and how to log in.

User types

There are now more options for read only users which can be quickly activated from the add/edit user page by ticking the relevant box.  There is one option to give read only users access to all projects in a business unit or management unit once the user is assigned to that unit. The second option is to give read only users permission to edit the QA fields for data entries which have this field.


The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) five section names have been updated to match the latest titles outlined in the Code of Considerate Practice.

The CCS ID has now been removed from the add/edit project page and instead will be added when CCS data is added.  This is to allow projects lasting for several years to maintain accurate records.


New filters have been added to company level reports to allow better interrogation of data: live and/or completed projects, and archived and/or unarchived projects.

CSV downloads of reports have been updated to include the project reference number as well as the project name to allow better searching of data.


SmartWaste V5.1  – 09 October 2017

This release provides a number of improvements such as updated information and guidance for users, greater filtering abilities on some lists and logs and enhancements to the waste management contractors and material suppliers pages.

Information and guidance

i-buttons in the following locations have been updated to provide further guidance for users:

  • Add waste data page – ‘Upload of evidence of WTN or consignment note (pdf)’: New text stating ‘Only one file can be saved, if you have multiple WTNs please ensure they are in one single file (i.e. PDF or Zip).’
  • Add recovery rate for waste facility page and recovery rate records page – ‘Recycled %’: new text added saying ‘If no recycling rate is given, then a default rate will be applied of 50% for unsegregated and/or mixed waste and 80% for segregated waste’.
  • Add waste data page – ‘Waste management contractor – carrier’ and ‘Waste management contractor – destination’: New text stating ‘If the carrier/destination is not listed, you will need to assign it to the project’.

Guidance text now appears on the waste data log when editing multiple entries to provide information for users on what can and can’t be done when editing multiple entries.

Waste data log

When editing multiple entries on the waste data log, a “Select all” link has been added at the bottom of the page allowing all entries on the current page to be selected at once, rather than having to select each one individually.

Waste management contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers

On the project assigning page, the pod for waste management contractors has been improved. This has been split into 2 pods; one showing waste carriers and one showing waste destinations that have been assigned to the project.

For both waste management contractors and subcontractors, where the box has been ticked saying that contractor is ‘Not in use’, a new ‘Reason not in use’ field will now appear. Filling in this field will help users to understand why the relevant contractor is no longer being used as the information will be visible on the waste management contractor details page.

On both the waste management contractors and materials suppliers listing pages, a column labelled ‘Assigned to projects’ has been added to indicate with a tick or cross where waste management contractors and material suppliers have been assigned to projects. This aids with the management of large lists of contractors and suppliers, providing an at a glance view of which ones have been assigned to projects.

The following new filters have been added to the material suppliers and waste management contractors listing page:

  • Origin company name (names of companies in drop down list)
  • Expiry date (expired, expires within a month)
  • Assigned to projects (yes/no)

Energy – Fuel data log

On the fuels data log, the following filters have been added, enabling better searching of data:

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Fuel type
  • Contractor
  • Fuel use

Pre-demolition audit module

The pre-demolition audit module can now be activated on any project, even if the project type/workstream selected when setting up the project is not set to demolition. This provides more flexibility for users.

SmartWaste V5  – 17 July 2017

This release sees the availability of two new modules, a new data labelling function and a small update to adding material data for timber.  Each of these is described below.

Project management module

This new module allows the recording of data in 3 sub-modules for each project:

Staff hours – The number of staff hours for the project for a given time period e.g. monthly, including:

  • From date
  • To date
  • Staff hours (number)
  • Contractor name (drop down list)
  • Labels (add label)

Staff numbers – The number of staff on the project for a given time period, including:

  • From date
  • To date
  • Number of staff (number)
  • Contractor name (drop down list)
  • Labels (add label)

Toolbox talks – Logging toolbox talks completed on the project, including:

  • date the talk took place
  • type of talk (environment, health & wellbeing, safety)
  • title of talk
  • number of attendees
  • contractor type (e.g. the company or a subcontractor assigned to the project)
  • name of person carrying out the toolbox talk
  • ability to upload evidence e.g. copy of the signed register of attendees
  • Labels (add label)

Incidents, complaints and visits module

This new module provides the ability to record authority notices, visits, complaints and other incidents for various environmental and project issues.  The following incident/complaint/visit information can be recorded for a project:

  • date of the incident, complaint or visit
  • type of incident (authority notice, authority visit, complaint, warning letter, or other)
  • notifying party
  • topic
  • category
  • description/nature of incident, complaint or visit
  • actions taken
  • upload of evidence e.g. incident report, visit report
  • Comments
  • Labels (add label)

Labels feature

When creating an entry in any one of the sub-modules within new project management module or the new incidents, complaints and visits module, you can add a label to the data entry to enable you to categorise the data with a label that is relevant to your business.

From the company details tab within your SmartWaste account, you can set up and manage a list of data labels which is then available for use throughout your SmartWaste account.  This list of labels is only visible in your SmartWaste account for your use and can be used to label data entries.

In this SmartWaste V5 release, this new labels feature has been applied to the new modules of project management and incidents, complaints and visits.  In the future we intend to extend the use of this label to other modules.

Update to the materials module – for timber data

When adding timber data within the materials module, there are now two new optional fields allowing you to record the timber species and timber country of origin by selecting from the available drop down lists if you wish.

Contractors search function

A filter has been added to the company level listing pages for waste management contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.  This allows you to enter part of a company name and search your full list of contractors or suppliers.  A list of company names containing the text you searched for are then presented.  This new function allows you to quickly locate the contractor or supplier you are looking for in a long list of company names.

Add waste data page updates

Some parts of the add waste data page have been updated to make field names clearer with improved i-button information.  This is to bring the page more in line with the Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice.  As part of this a number of fields on the add waste data page have had updates to their names and the descriptions in their i-buttons to provide more clarity.

SmartWaste V4 ‘The Biodiversity Release’ – 24 April 2017

A new “Edit company” tab

This is available from the group and company level. From here you can edit your company details, view your company licence details, activate modules you wish to be available in your company account and set options for your company account such as:

  • Waste formats applicable (volume and/or tonnage projects)
  • The type of KPI to be applied throughout your account (/£100k project value, /£100k total project spend or /£1 million total project spend)
  • Transport data format to be used (kilometres or miles)
  • Activate traffic lights to show when data was last entered (with either default or user entered settings)
  • Apply filters to the group/company homepage based on a time period (show all data, rolling 12 month period, calendar year 1 April to 31 March). Data on the homepages can still be filtered using the date range on the page to show a different period of data.
  • Choose for project value and cost data to only be available to the company super user level
  • Disable certificate validate (for materials module)

A new module for “Biodiversity and ecology”

This has 4 sections which can be turned on or off including:

  • Biodiversity champion – to record the name of the project’s biodiversity champion.
  • Habitat area – to record habitat areas before and after construction and any new offsite areas created.
  • Site surveys – to record any surveys which have been undertaken for the site related to biodiversity and ecology.
  • Biodiversity and ecology features – to record biodiversity and ecology features of importance for the project and then record actions to be undertaken for each of these features. Actions can then be marked as completed and supporting evidence can be uploaded.

Waste management improvements

A number of improvements have been made to waste management contractors, subcontractors and suppliers (from here on referred to as “contractors and suppliers”).

  • Listing and assigning pages – Lists of contractors and suppliers can be long so they have been split into pages to ensure each page loads quickly and you can navigate through the pages easily. This has also been applied to assigning pages where contractors and suppliers are listed. On assigning pages, you will need to select all contractors or suppliers on that page and click save before moving on to the next page to select and assign further contractors or suppliers.
  • Adding new contractors and suppliers – When adding a new contractor or supplier a search is now performed checking for any which already exist with a similar name before you can create a new one. This should help reduce duplicate contractors/suppliers being created.

Improvements to charts:

  • Company level charts now have date filters to enable better interrogation of data.
  • Improvement of transport by material type charts at the company level to make data easier to interpret.

Additional improvements

  1. New target for “% all waste diverted from landfill” available at all levels.
  2. Add energy and water data pages have a new “Notes” field in which additional details about the entry can be recorded.
  3. On the add waste data page for tonnage projects there is now a total calculated as you are entering data to show you the total tonnage you have allocated to that entry.
  4. Each user is now able to unsubscribe from the SmartWaste mailing list meaning that they will no longer receive newsletters from the SmartWaste team. On the user list for an account there is now a column showing which users are subscribed.
  5. The function for validating of material/timber suppliers certificates can now be switched off from the “Edit company” tab by selecting set company options.

SmartWaste V3.1 Release – 16 January 2017

  • Waste management routes report (company level) – Data in the waste management routes report available at the company level can now be obtained in either percentages or totals.
  • Recovery rates – For waste facility energy recovery rates you can now record the name of the energy recovery facility that this relates to.
  • Waste data – editing and deleting multiple entries:

Waste data log:

  • A new function is available allowing mass editing and deleting of waste data directly from the waste data log, enabling multiple waste entries to be selected and either edited or deleted at the same time.
  • Users who can currently edit individual waste entries from the waste data log can now also edit multiple entries all at the same time.  This applies to user level project user or higher.
  • Users who can currently delete individual waste entries from the waste data log can now also delete multiple entries all at the same time.  This applies to user level project admin or higher.

Waste data bulk upload:

  • A log of past waste data bulk uploads is available that details when the bulk waste data was uploaded, the number of entries, the number of errors and a copy of the file that was uploaded.
  • If you click on the date shown for an upload in the log, then a filtered version of the waste data log will be opened displaying only the entries from that bulk upload. From here you can select multiple entries to edit or delete.
  • Alternatively, from the log of past bulk uploads, users will be able to delete a bulk upload which will delete all of the waste data from that upload.  This applies to user level project admin or higher.

SmartWaste V3.0 Release – 07 November 2016

  • Recording waste data  in volume or tonnes – You are now able to decide for your whole account how you wish waste data to be recorded.  Currently you choose when setting up a project whether it will be recording waste data in volume or tonnage.  We are now giving you the ability to set which of these options are applied to the whole of your account.  So you can choose for all projects in your account to be set up to record waste data in volume, or all projects to record waste in tonnes, or you can choose to keep the option for the user to decide whether to record waste in volume or tonnage at project set up.
  • Pre-construction projects – Projects are currently split into live and completed projects lists.  We are adding to this a new separate list of “pre-construction” projects where the start date of the project is in the future.  The project will automatically move into the live projects list when the start date becomes current.
  • SmartWaste timber module will be incorporated into materials – The 2 modules have now been combined into 1 module called Materials. This includes the previous timber module to improve consistency and provide one place to capture all your data on materials.
  • Timber certification scheme – The claims that you can record have been updated in line with the latest FSC guidance.
  • Validation of timber certificates – You can now record who within your company has checked via external websites that a timber certificate is valid.  Only if a certificate is marked as valid in SmartWaste, will it appear in the certification number drop down list when adding timber data on the add materials data page.
  • BREEAM waste credit targets – You are now able to select the number of BREEAM waste credits you are aiming for when setting company and project targets.  This is in addition to the existing functionality of being able to add specific targets for waste generation and diversion from landfill.
  • Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) – In step 2 of the SWMP which looks at waste minimisation, you are now able to edit all rows of the table at once on the same screen, as well as adding new rows whilst doing this.
  • SIC code on add waste data page – A new field has been included on the add waste data page to allow the recording of the SIC code.
  • Waste data log – The ability to record any comments regarding errors with waste data can now be added via the add waste data page and the comments are visible in the waste data log.  This is useful for auditing and QA procedures.
  • SmartWaste new user reports – Several new reports have been created to help better manage and understand your environmental impacts. These new reports will expand the reach of SmartWaste’s reporting capabilities, giving you even more information to improve performance and solve problems as they occur.
  • Waste management routes by project – This new report available at company/group level shows a summary per project of the total amount of waste generated and a breakdown of how much of this went to each waste management route detailing the volumes and/or tonnages reused, recycled, sent for recovery, recovered, energy recovered and landfilled. The energy recovered and landfilled figures include waste sent directly to those routes and also sent indirectly which means waste dealt with via a waste facility where a certain proportion was sent for energy recovery and/or landfill.  The indirect figures are calculated using the recycling and energy recovery rates you enter for waste facilities.
  • Energy CO2e report – Previously called the “Energy report” we have updated the name so that it is clearer what data is presented in this report.  The layout of the report has not changed; it shows the kgCO2e generated per project from electricity, natural gas and fuel consumption.  This report is available at both project and company/group level.  At a company or group level it provides this information per project and also gives kgCO2e totals for each type of energy consumption for the company and overall totals for each project.
  • Energy raw data – This is a new report which shows the raw energy data that you have entered which is used to create the kgCO2e figures.  It provides the kWh consumption for electricity and natural gas and litres consumption for fuels.  This report is available at both project and company/group level.  At a company or group level it presents this information per project.
  • Waste management contractors – This new report at company/group level shows a summary for each project of how much waste has been sent to each waste facility and whether a generic and/or product specific recycling rate was used, and how much waste was recovered.
  • Materials reporting – the existing timber and other materials reports and charts can now be found sitting alongside each other in the new section in the reporting menu bar called “Materials”.
  • Three new waste charts – These are available at company/group level.  The first is for waste arisings by construction phase, showing the split between waste arising from the phases of construction, demolition, excavation and modular which will help you to better understand when in the project timeline waste is generated.  The second chart shows the top 5 waste streams arising for the company which gives you the information you need to be able to follow up with sites to determine the reasons why this waste is arising and identify how it could be reduced.  The third chart shows the waste arising by waste type and the waste management routes they were sent to, providing a useful overview of how waste is managed by your company.

SMARTWaste V2.1 Release – 08 August 2016

This release is focused on reporting enhancements and exporting data.

  • Project Dashboard – The project home page has been renamed to the Project Dashboard where you can view summarised project data in tables as well as various charts. You can filter this by date and also download a formatted PDF or raw data as a CSV file.
  • Edit Project – This page is where you can amend the project details, set targets and activate modules
  • New Filterable Waste Report – You now have the ability to narrow your search on this report with multiple filters including the option to save specific filters to allow you to easily run the same report in the future. This applies to both Company and Project level.
  • Waste Data Log – The layout of this has been reorganised and improved including the download
  • Export Reports – The waste types and routes report (previously detailed information report) and the new waste report filters can now be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file

SMARTWaste V2.0 Release – 18 April 2016

  • SMARTWaste Modularisation – With the increasing number of modules being added to the SMARTWaste tool, we want to keep the user experience slick and relevant to you. Account Super Users can now disable and hide any individual modules in SMARTWaste that you do not currently use. This is set at the Company Account Level and applies to all projects. Modules can be switched on and off at any time, and will not affect any data collected. The full list of SMARTWaste modules currently available to all SMARTWaste members are:
    • Waste
    • Energy
    • Water
    • Timber
    • Transport
    • Materials
    • Considerate Constructors Scheme
    • Pre-demolition Audit
  • Master List of Waste Management Contractor Records – (Note: This function only applies to Group Level SMARTWaste Accounts that have three or more reporting tiers e.g. Company > Business Unit > Project). This new functionality has created one Master list of company-wide Waste Management Contractors available to ALL business units at all levels. This replaces the previous separate lists that were individually managed and edited at the Business Unit level. The new Master List will sit at the Company Level but can still be edited and added to at the Business Unit level. This improvement will avoid duplicate Waste Management Contractors entries across multiple business units saving both staff time and improving the accuracy of your waste contractor records and recycling rates.
  • Waste Recycling & Energy Recovery Rates – When entering recycling rates in SMARTWaste for a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) it is now possible to enter the percentage of waste materials recovered that are ‘recycled’ and those sent for incineration with ‘energy recovery’. Both options divert the waste from landfill however entering these rates will more accurately capture and report on exactly where your waste is going. If you are not able to get information from your waste contractor on the split between waste recycled and sent for energy recovery then you can continue to record waste in SMARTWaste that has been ‘Recovered’ (and diverted from landfill) by just entering an Overall % “Recovery” rate.
  • Default Waste Recovery Rates – Default waste recovery rates have been added to SMARTWaste. This improves on the scenario where the absence of a ‘Recovery rate’ for a waste facility would lead to the waste being reported as 100% being sent to Landfill. Instead two default recovery rates will now be applied depending on whether the waste is mixed or segregated. For mixed (unsegregated) construction waste SMARTWaste will apply a 50% default recovery rate. For segregated waste (e.g. one waste material per skip) SMARTWaste will apply a 80% default recovery rate. These default rates are a recognised industry wide average. Obviously individual waste facilities can and do perform above these rates. As before you can still enter an ‘actual’ recovery rate in SMARTWaste for a waste facility which would overwrite the default recovery rates.
  • Project Linking – It is now possible to link a project between two or more SMARTWaste Accounts. This functionality will be useful where two or more SMARTWaste member companies are both working on the same construction project. It avoids the same project and environmental data being entered into SMARTWaste more than once. It also allows a Client or Principal Contractor to link their project to a sub-contractor working on the project to enter their own environmental data which reports back up to the Client or Principal Contractor.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require to link a project please contact the SMARTWaste team for further assistance as this function must be enabled on an account by account basis. We will also talk you through the steps for linking your project to another SMARTWaste Account.

  • Printer-friendly Site Waste Management Plan – New functionality to print your SWMP in a print friendly PDF format.
  • Additional SWMP functionality
    • Waste Management Options (Step 4) will now auto-complete with the waste materials forecast in Step 3.
    • Post Project Review (Step 9) includes a new ‘snapshot’ feature that takes the ‘Actual versus Forecast’ waste table from Step 7. This allows the user to easily review and comment on the overall project performance based on the data presented in the table.
    • A new summary SWMP table has been added to the Project Dashboard that highlights the completion status of each step in the SWMP.


SMARTWaste V1.1 (Live from 09/11/2015)

  • BREEAM New Construction 2014 – A new comprehensive BREEAM New Construction 2014 Report is available at the Project Level that provides all the necessary information from SMARTWaste required by your BREEAM Assessor in one report (accessible from the Project Level Reporting tab).
  • New Materials reporting module (Available to all members) – Allows users to record the purchase of certified and non-certified materials on your construction project. Monitor construction materials against the following responsible sourcing standards
    • BES6001 scheme
    • BS8902 CARES scheme
    • Eco-Reinforcement scheme
    • ISO14001 scheme
  • Assigning users and contractors made easier – A new button on the set up page for users and contractors now allows you to immediately assign a new user/contractor/supplier that has been added to the system to a project(s) by selecting from a list of projects.
  • Project cost hide function – This function allows project costs to be hidden to all users other than the Super User. It is accessible from the ‘My Company’ page and can only be switched on/off by the SMARTWaste Super User.
  • CO2 Conversion factors –  New DECC 2015 CO2 factors added to SMARTWaste.
  • New fuel type added – White diesel and its conversion factor has been added to the Fuel Reporting module
  • Gas Reporting – New function to add project gas consumption in m3. The system will then convert these units to kWh and CO2
  • WRAP Halving Waste to Landfill – The link from SMARTWaste to the WRAP Halving waste to landfill portal has been removed. WRAP have stopped all support to the Construction sector (under the Built Environment Programme) including all tools.
  • Membership Renewal notifications – Membership notifications will now appear on your company homepage relating to membership renewal expiry dates.
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme module – The CCS module has now been added to all member accounts to help track, target and report on their project’s CCS scores. This module is added at the Project Level if you want to track CCS scores for any particular project.
  • Transport reporting module – The transport module has now been added to all member accounts which allows users to record journeys and report associated fuel used, and related CO2 emissions for waste removed from site, material deliveries, and staff travel.