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sw-new-release3Get more out of the industry’s leading environmental impact software

When it comes to implementing a new system across a department, company or supply chain, it’s important to ensure all individuals ‘buy in’ to the system, best practice, and how it will help them and the company.

Being familiar with both the concept of environmental data monitoring, and with the SmartWaste tool itself will give you the best chance to ensure data is inputted accurately, helping those reporting on that data to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Ensuring you and your staff are confident and competent in using SmartWaste means you will be getting the most out of your time and financial investment in this tool.

To help you best meet your education needs to get the most out of SmartWaste, training specialists at SiteSmart have developed several flexible training options.

Find out more about these training options:

What SmartWaste trainees said

“A relaxed, interesting, well organised workshop”


“Absolutely marvellous, highly recommended”


“It dealt with a potentially difficult subject easily and gave a good structure to go forward”

General user 1-day course

This course is ideal for new users of the tool, giving an overview of SmartWaste functionality, including showing how to input data around waste, energy, water, transport and materials for construction (or demolition) projects.

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Super user 1-day course

An intensive course focused around reporting on the tool. ideal for those who’ll be setting up and adding new users, and who’ll be the first port of call for teams within your business or throughout your supply chain.

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Customised courses for your company

Whether you want to train a group of 20 people or 200, this customised course option gives you training designed by our senior trainer with any size of company in mind.

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Online training (coming soon)

In partnership with the BRE Academy, SiteSmart will soon enable all users to complete online training courses and lunchtime webinars to help you gain an understanding of SmartWaste – all at a time and place that’s convenient to you and your teams.

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